Multi-faceted means multi-talented.

Counterpart Communication Design employee Kathryn Scott

And both of those describe Kathryn to a T. With double degrees in graphic design and computer engineering, she can design just about anything and troubleshoot your server problems to boot. Just not at the same time. (Well, considering what we know about her work ethic, she just might be able to pull that off, too.) Get the full details on your newest Counterpart here.

New hires |
July 13, 2018

She’s retiring from retirement.

Counterpart Communication Design employee Linda Goodwin-Parkinson

A few years ago, after finishing what she calls “three long careers,” completing advanced degrees in education, and winning a boatload of prestigious awards in her industry, Dr. Linda Goodwin-Parkinson decided she wanted to retire. She had a plan. She would do some gardening. Spend time with the grandkids. And volunteer more. And that lasted about thirty seconds before she got bored and was ready to get back to work. “Retirement is not for me,” Linda says. Good for us! Here’s why we’re excited she’s here to start her fourth long career as copywriter extraordinaire.

New hires |
April 20, 2018

From MPD to CCD.

Counterpart Communication Design employee Lori Harris

Everybody, meet Lori! She’s our newest content manager. When she’s not at Counterpart, she works for the Memphis Police Department at the Real Time Crime Center reviewing and cataloging body cam footage. So cool! Here’s evidence that we’re thrilled about our newest team member.

New hires |
April 17, 2018

Say what now?

Counterpart Communication Design employee Paige Caperton

How do you know you’ve found the ideal process manager? When she says things like, “I love to work. I don’t think I could ever just not work.” And “I like diving into the details and getting things done. And I enjoy the strategy of making things run as efficiently as possible.” Actual words from Paige Caperton, our newest employee. And they’re music to our ears. Get the scoop here.

New hires |
April 5, 2018

There’s a Hunkus among us.

Counterpart Communication Design employee Christian Hunkus

When Christian Hunkus gets a new job, his goal is to automate and improve processes so much that he makes himself obsolete. Impressive. But that’s just what you get when you hire a self-declared “efficiency freak.” What’s that you say? You want to hire him? Too bad. We already did. Learn why we’re thrilled about it here.

New hires |
March 26, 2018

Welcome the Visio Wizio!

Counterpart Communication Design employee Diane Sales

Also known as Diane Sales! She’s our newest employee, a project supervisor. Fun facts about Diane: She’s a marathon runner. She’s originally from Jamaica. And she’s into high-adventure vacations in exotic locations. Awesome. And we haven’t even talked about her amazing qualifications yet. Check out her press release for more details, and welcome Diane!

New hires |
March 26, 2018


Counterpart Communication Design employee Patrick Owens

Everybody, meet Patrick, our new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Analyst. Sound like a rare skill set? It is. We’ve been looking for someone like him since October. And 167 applicants later, here he is! Here are a few more reasons we’re thrilled he’s here.

New hires |
March 12, 2018

Baddorf to the bone.

Counterpart Communication Design employee Rachel Baddorf

Raised goats on a hobby farm in Illinois. Learned Japanese — in Japan. Taught English in South Korea. Studied solar cabins in Hawaii. Wrote a novel. Nope, we’re not telling you the coolest life experiences of every person who works here. We’re just talking about one: our new copywriter, Rachel Baddorf. The more you learn about her, the more interesting she gets! Check out the official news here.

New hires |
March 12, 2018

Is there a doctor in the house?

There is now. Welcome to Jenny Demilio, our newest Project Coordinator! She has a Ph.D. in history and almost a decade of university teaching experience. Oh, and did we mention she was also a financial analyst for AutoZone? Dang. It’s getting sophisticated up in here. Read more about Jenny.

New hires |
February 21, 2018


Counterpart Communication Design employee Emily Ryan

Don’t you wish you had a go-to, hand-it-off-and-forget-about-it-because-it’s-gonna-get-taken-care-of person in your life? We have one. It’s Emily. From teeny-tiny details to big-picture strategy and anything in-between, Emily gets it done. It’s like magic. Read more about our newest project magician — er, manager — here.

New hires |
February 16, 2018