Olly olly oxen free!

Counterpart Communication Design employee Karey Baggett

We’ve been searching for the perfect project coordinator for a while, and we finally found her. Meet Karey Baggett! She was hiding in the finance department of a real estate firm. Here’s why we’re glad she’s it.


New hires |
November 9, 2017

Our resident renaissance man.

Counterpart Communication Design employee O'meed Entezari

Guitarist since age 12. Drummer. Composer. Writer. Chess master. It seems like O’meed Entezari, our newest Counterpart, can do just about anything. Throw in those degrees in psychology and computer-human interaction and our Counterparties just took a distinctly cultured turn. Get the scoop here.

New hires |
November 9, 2017

Hot damn! Instagram!

We’re on FIRE over here! Not literally, this time. But we’ve won two awards this week for our Instagram graphics series. Needless to say, we’re stoked. Read the news here and here. And see the winning work here.


Counterpart Communication Design Instagram Posts 2017


Awards |
November 8, 2017

“She just gets us.”

Did you ever meet someone who just got you? Who understood right away what you were about, what you believed in, and what you wanted? Aimee’s clients say that’s exactly what it’s like working with her. And that’s why we’re so glad we got her. Get the scoop.

New hires |
October 25, 2017

We’re superior. We’ve got it in writing.

Check out our newest honor from the Southern Economic Development Council! It’s a Superior Communications Award for our work on Germantown’s Business & Industry Report. Doing superior work is fun when you work with great clients. Read the report here.

Awards |
September 29, 2017

Winner winner winner winner winner winner winner winner chicken dinner.

We got the results for our 2016 MarCom entries! We won eight! For everything from websites to t-shirts to flyers to e-mails. Winning is fun. Read the full story here.

Awards |
August 31, 2017

We have an announcement to make.

Counterpart Communication Design Vice President Lisa Evano

This isn’t your everyday, ho-hum, yaddayaddayadda announcement, people. This is big. It’s exciting. It’s high-five-somebody-in-the-hallway news. Lisa Evano is our new vice president! Read the official announcement. Then watch this to hear just a few reasons she deserves it.


In the news |
August 21, 2017

We’re coming in loud and clear…

According to the Communicator Awards. They honored us with 14 gold and silver awards for our 2017 entries. Wow. We would say we’re speechless, but obviously that’s not the case. Check out the full story here.

Awards |
July 18, 2017

“What can’t Keith do?”

Counterpart Communication Design employee Keith Kraus

This is the name of our newest Counterparty game, named for our newest counterpart, Keith Kraus. We’ll take turns naming skills, and the first person to think of one he can’t do, wins. Read Keith’s bio and you’ll see why this is going to be a very long game. Here’s the news.

New hires |
July 17, 2017

Taking up a new post.

Counterpart Communication Design employee Nichole Hunter

Y’all remember Nichole, right? Well, big news! She’s taken a position as email and social media strategist. She said it was like the job description was written just for her. Here’s why it’s the perfect fit.

In the news |
July 17, 2017