Can we quote you on that?

Counterpart Communication Design employee LaDeia McNeal

“I believe everything should move and work effectively and efficiently. And I absolutely detest double work.” Words straight from the mouth of our newest process manager, LáDeia McNeal. Need more proof she’s perfect for the job? Here ya go.


New hires |
February 27, 2017

Who’s our new web content manager?

Counterpart Communication Design employee Phil Tabor

Closet karaoke enthusiast. Roller skate designer. Winner on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Heck, we would’ve hired him just to have him at the next Counterparty. So no, we didn’t need to phone a friend. Phil Tabor. Final answer.

New hires |
February 22, 2017

Our newest mover and shaker: Marsha Fowler

Counterpart Communication Design employee Marsha Fowler

She’s lived in Philly, Reno, Chicago, Atlantic City, and Nashville. She loves “big dirty cities,” and she’s traveled all over the U.S. and Europe. And here’s why we’re glad Marsha has settled down with us.


New hires |
January 10, 2017

Our bottom line is on the rise…

Counterpart Communication Design employee Angela

Thanks to our newest hire. Angela Beemer: bookkeeper, number cruncher, and revenue preserver. She says when it comes to accounting, she’s OCD. We say, that’s A-OK. Get the details.


New hires |
December 23, 2016


We’ve racked up two more awards, this time from the W3s. Both were for our website. (The very one you’re looking at right now. Didn’t know you were on an award-winning site, didja?) Get the deets.


Awards |
November 21, 2016

We brought home the gold.

Our first gold VOX award, that is, for our work for the City of Germantown. Germantown Life & Stories is a resident recruitment booklet and it’s won five industry awards. See the work or get the full story.

Awards |
November 21, 2016

Jack of all trades…

Counterpart Communication Design employee Anji Willenborg

Master of — well, all trades. Meet Anji Willenborg, our new operations guru. Er, we mean, manager. How does she do it all? Because she’s pretty much done it all. Here’s the scoop.

New hires |
November 3, 2016

Design is our jam.

The American Graphic Design Awards are, like, totally obsessed with us. Just kidding. But they did honor our work with three awards this year. Sweeeet. Read more

Awards |
November 1, 2016

We’re on a roll…

Counterpart Communication Design employee Valerie Jones

She was the seventh of 13 children, born in the seventh month, with seven letters in her first, middle, and maiden names. Valerie is our newest counterpart. Do we feel lucky? You bet. Here’s why.

New hires |
October 14, 2016

Welcome Kasey Harris!

Counterpart Communication Design employee Lisa PrattCounterpart Communication Design employee Kasey Harris

Our newest hire is a computer programming, quality assuring, award winning Web Project Manager. She came to us from Walmart Information Systems. (Huh. Guess they really do have everything you need.) Read more about Kasey.

New hires |
October 14, 2016